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Montessori 3 Butterflies

Montessori 3 Butterflies

MONTESSORI - III (UKG) Age Group: 4.6 - 6 years

Our Montessori III (UKG) curriculum meets the requirements of CBSE/ICSE/AMI/ State Syllabus). On language and literature front our program aims at developing the competence in talking, listening and becoming readers and writers with growing vocabulary and increased fluency to express their thoughts and to convey the meaning to the listeners. Using phonics, understanding the formation of words and thus sentences for the development of good writing skills in cursive handwriting is an integral part of language development.

This program covers development of pre-mathematical skills related to comparison, sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting. Four basic mathematical operations are also introduced at the UKG level.

Environment science activities cover the knowledge and understanding of the world, people and features of the natural and manmade world. Foundations for historical, geographical, scientific and technological understanding will also be part of their learning.

Our program also enhances the development of physical control, mobility, awareness of space and skills in the indoor and outdoor games.

Exposure and opportunity is given to all the children to develop public speaking, stage exposure and creative development through art and craft activities which increases their ability to use their imagination and observational power.

Key Areas of Development

  • Proficiency in Communication Skill.
  • Proficiency in Reading and Writing skills in English, Hindi and Malayalam.
  • Mathematics skills (comprehension of numbers, four mathematical operations).
  • Concepts of Information technology.
  • Cognitive development of concepts.
  • Creative Expressions.
  • Confidence