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Franchise Partnership

Model 1

Franchise Program is a model wherein the Franchisee acquires the right to use Bambino brand and run the business with the complete know-how as imparted by Bambino standards. The investments vary depending on a number of factors. Usually an investment of Rs. 8-10 lakhs (cost of property not included) should be sufficient to build your Preschool. Bambino review the quality of education given and suggest appropriate recommendations on a quarterly basis .

Model 2

This is a unique Franchise model where in franchise owner is provided a guaranteed return on investment and guaranteed number of admissions. This is to meet the aspirations of high net worth individual and property owners, who aspire to own a reputed preschool and remain engaged in educational entrepreneurship journey with limited management responsibility where in Bambino will operate the center and assure the return. Expected investment is between Rs.15.0 lakhs to Rs.20.0 lakhs.

Support Given to Franchises:
  • Centralised marketing, brand promotion and admission counselling by Bambino.
  • Guaranteed return on investment to franchisee.
  • Guaranteed number of admissions.
  • Complete operations management by Bambino .
  • Complete support to initial setup, launching, recruitment and marketing
  • E2E Support from inception till franchisee period
  • Visit of experts during initial set up period to support branding , design of the premises, recruitment , launching and setting up the school management process
  • Corporate central digital marketing for all centers
  • Special attention during initial 3 months for new franchise location
  • Promotion through Google, FB, Twitter and Instagram
  • Free BAMBINO International Curriculum
  • Fortnightly orientation , review and update of academics through Webex
  • 365 days online support on all matters regarding the center functioning
  • Support to recruitment of Center lead and Montessori teachers and initial training by BAMBINO
  • Implementation of BAMBINO digital school management system
  • Academic evaluation in every term by BAMBINO
  • Parenting programs once in a year
  • Parents , Franchise alliance building support
  • Support for extracurricular activities and events
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