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14 Parenting Tips every parent should follow

What every parent should know?

Parenting is indeed a beautiful experience, a journey that includes a lot of joyous moments, mixed with some challenges as well. However, at the end of the day, we all want the same thing for our children; for them to be happy, for them to get the best out of life and for them to be able to stand independently and confidently on their own two feet, ready to take on the world. As parents in this digital era that we live in, where we are often spoiled for choice and where everything is available at the click of a button, we understand that parenting can be quite tough at times. While we cannot really decide the future of our children, what we can do is to ensure that they are on the right path when it comes to their learning and growth. Explore our best collection of positive parenting tips to help guide you on this journey. And here are the best positive parenting tips. The Top 14 Positive Parenting Tips


During the first 8 months of life, your child’s brain will undergo a number of extraordinary changes. A lot of it is in response to the variety of stimuli he or she receives; the sounds they hear, the faces they see, the smells they experience. What is important of parenting tips for us is to realize that in these important early years, there are clear ‘windows of opportunity’ – sensitive periods when a particular kind of learning is more likely to happen. One of the best pieces of parenting tips at this stage is to know your child’s window of opportunity and make the most out of it.


Maintaining a strict routine is one of the most essential parenting tips for toddlers as they are everything when it comes to parenthood. You might be bored with it but your children actually love it! Create a routine around everything that your child does to help them feel safe and sound. Whether it is a warm bath or reading their favourite bedtime story to them, try and inculcate a routine and get your child to follow it on weekends as well! After including this parenting tip in your regular routine, you will be able to separtate some quality time with the little one.


This parenting tip is to help you to understand the basics. It is important to know that children grow every minute of the day and night and that certain tasks like sitting, crawling and standing are very age-specific. Give your child time to be ready to cross a particular milestone. There is no need to rush! Every child is different and grows at different paces. What is important, therefore, is to not compare your child with other children and that can be one of the best parenting tips any parent can learn.


The importance of fitness in child development is immense, making it one of the top parenting tips for preschoolers. Allocating at least half an hour every day towards physical activity can make a world of difference to your child’s overall growth and development. A great way to bond with your children is to include some family fitness time over weekends might be a good idea


One of the most basic positive parenting tips is to be good role models to your children. What you want your child to follow, you have to do it in front of them as well. If you want your child to wash their hands after coming back from outdoor play, you need to wash your own hands too after getting back from work.


If time is your concern, a great parenting tip for toddlers is to start doing daily chores with your children. Bonding happens best when its natural and a part of a routine. So, in case of a time crisis, go grocery shopping with your child, instead of reading a book! Our parents did that with us too, didn’t they?


The most important family habit which is guaranteed to play a role in your child’s core personality is eating at least one meal together as a family. All the important aspects of positive parenting tips can be encapsulated into that one hour of a family meal, creating a lasting and positive impression on your child’s future. A great time to engage in meaningful conversations, discuss each one’s day and how it went or even talk about a book, mealtimes are ideal for some conversations and laughter.


This parenting tip is to encourage you to become a partner with your child. Let your child know that you both are a team and keep them highly involved in your life. As a result, they will keep you closely associated with their life as well, ensuring that the tunnel of communication is always wide open and clear. This also helps improve their ability to vocalize their feelings, thereby developing their emotional intelligence.


One of the most helpful positive parenting tips for preschoolers is to manage your own time effectively. Let your co-workers know that you have a child waiting for you at home. Instead of expecting them to understand that you need to leave on time, layout your boundaries yourself, right in the beginning. Be a smart worker and utilise your time wisely so that you can finish your work on time and have time for your family as well.


If you feel your children are quieter than usual, ask them about it. Initially, they may not want to talk about what is bothering them but with time, they will learn to depend on you when it comes to discussing their feelings, however small they may seem. Creating a bond of open communication, when it comes to discussing emotions can indeed go a long way when you enter their teenage years. Adopting this positive parenting tips will help to make a stronger bond with your child.


The beauty of grandparents is that they love doing what they do when it comes to their grandchildren. They see your children as an extension of you and are happy to help raise them. The more the interaction with the extended family, the better your child’s overall development will be. Also, grandparents have pond of knowledge and stories to tell, spending more time with grandparents will be a blessing for your child. And a best parenting tip that every parent should follow.

12. CHILDREN NEED CHILDREN No matter how much you try to be a friend to your child, it is highly advisable for them to make their own friends too. When a child moves in group settings with other children, that’s when the real learning happens. Even if you are a stay at home mom or dad, ensure that your child visits professional settings to socialize with others their age as well. Organizing a play date or putting them in classes can be a good start.


In this growing technology-driven world every parents must consider this parenting tip. Exposure to screen time is unavoidable in today’s world and children are no exception to that. The only way to keep a check on-screen time is to help your children understand the concept of time and self-discipline. Try and keep limited hours of screen time for you and your child.


To raise a healthy child, you need to be energetic and healthy first. So, focus on your own physical and emotional health. Invest in yourself, do the things that make you happy and make sure you find some time for yourself, every single day. After all, you need a calm mind to calm a mind, don’t you? These tried-and-tested positive parenting tips can help you raise a happy and well-adjusted child! At BAMBINO, we believe in supporting your role as caregivers to your child by implementing the very same positive parenting tips in our own approach to early education and child care. ______________________________________________________________________

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