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" The Trusted Preschool and Day Care "

As a Montessori preschool integrated with daycare, Bambino provides high quality child care that has a positive influence on the holistic development of the child through valuable educational and social experiences. Bambino has uniquely blended the Montessori Methodology with the syllabus of CBSE/ISSE and State Boards. We are an advocate of Montessori methodology.
Bam and Bino are the representations of your kids. Bam and Bino are "genius kids" , who like to learn things by observations and experiments. They are the classmates of your kids at Bambino.

Bambino Perfection

Bambino takes Montessori learning to a whole new level. Through years of research and constant review of methodology, Bambino has taken the coveted title of ‘ Masters of Montessori’. Bambino methodology takes the five-fold principle of Maria Montessori, to a refined level of excellence.

Bambino’s Five-fold Mantra

Respecting your child’s likes, identifying his/her talents, and keeping an ear open for the child’s perspective, Bambino encourages the strength in every child. An Einstein, Beethoven, Rockefeller or Pablo Picasso lies hidden in every child and it is in identifying and fanning the ember into a blazing fire, that Bambino rates its success.

An ambience of discovery, ripe with fun and frolic, is the typical Bambino environment. The Bambino environment encourages observation and experiential learning, in an atmosphere of playfulness. Providing the child with ample opportunity to absorb and enrich, the environment is the vital essential for auto learning. Bambino has evolved fail-safe methods to detect and utilize the child’s sensitive period.

Bambino Kidz

Training the teacher is the probably the most critical part of the Bambino Methodology.
Our teachers are extensively trained to

Make children the centre of learning

Make children the centre of learning because, as Maria Montessori said, “The teacher’s task is not to talk, but to prepare and arrange a series of motives for cultural activity in a special environment made for the child”

Encourage children to learn

Encourage children to learn by providing freedom for them in the prepared environment.

Observe children

Observe children so as to prepare the best possible environment, recognizing sensitive periods and diverting inappropriate behavior to meaningful tasks.

Prepare the learning environment

Prepare the learning environment by ensuring that learning materials are provided in an orderly format and the materials provide for appropriate experiences for all the children.

Respect each child

Respect each child and model ongoing respect for all children and their work.